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Humans as Creators


All human beings are creators.  Sounds strange, doesn’t it.  But, that’s what is meant by the following verse taken from the first chapter of the Book of Genesis: 27. God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. (NJB)

The simple truth is, we are not happy unless we are creating something; anything.  One of the causes for so much depression is not being able to create anything.  For example, being stuck in a job that allows no creative outlet.  The plain truth is, if we’re not creating, we’re not happy.  In fact, we become quite miserable.

I'm not saying we're supposed to be creating universes...shoot, we can't even create a livable environment here.  Creation can be something as simple as rearranging your house.  Just in doing that you will have created a new environment for yourself.  But, it can also mean writing a book (creating), painting a picture (creating), building a house (creating). 

A part of creation can be just the opposite: destroying.  Destruction can also be satisfying—especially when the end result is something better than before.  For example, the destruction of an old building to build either a new one, or something more beautiful.  There are exceptions (see below).

Every human being has a calling that is his or her gift; a gift to be shared.  It will always involve the creation of something, from a song to a dress, to landscaping.  Some of us are fortunate enough that our work brings us creative satisfaction.  Other forms of work do not—a doctor or nurse cannot be creative while working, nor can a gas station attendant.  Where that's the case, then a hobby or other outlet is needed. 

Anyway, if you're feeling depressed, try creating something.  It's much more rewarding than drugs or alcohol.



Footnote 1

On the other hand, some forms of destruction are horrible, such as the clear cutting of forests.  You can pretty much figure that if something is done purely for profit, the result is either going to be bad or deadly.