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If you're not interested in a greater and deeper understanding of life, this page is not for you.  However...if you want to find peace, overcome depression and make the world a better place, perhaps it is for This page is about the wonders of life.

Due to the pandemic sweeping the world, our church began uploading videos to the Church’s web page. Once uploaded, I would send an email to all who were in my email contact list, one of whom was my daughter.

She wanted to upload them to YouTube and would I mind?

I was all for it.  It made my daughter and I complicit in a common goal, and I liked that.  Especially since she lives in Florida and I live in Oregon and my fear is that I’ll never see her, my son, my grandkids or great grandkids again because I’m in my 80s and my wife has Alzheimer’s, so I can’t leave her.

My life has been different and filled with the miraculous and unusual—some of which are what I class as “minor miracles,” and some of which are grand miracles. The unusual and the odd are just that.  All are personal stories from my life and all of them are true.

From my life's experiences I've learned that we all have them and so I have begun uploading these short stories in the hopes that they touch you in such a way that you realize that you have them too, but haven't recognized the miracle in your midst.  For example, in the story of the car (A Car Miracle) I uploaded a video about an experience that touched a man who had a similar experience, but it had been buried in his mind—never told a single person until telling me of his experience.  He was so relieved to hear a story like that from someone else—he though he had imagined the entire episode.  I hope some of these touch you in a way that helps you.

Click Here here for the story links.  I hope you enjoy.

Oh, BTW, these are just a few; there are more coming.


Buck Tohill...Kindred Spirit