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   In my previous church a member of the congregation told me of an incident she had had while printing the Sunday bulletins.  She said she had gotten to the church about 9:30PM with her thirteen year old daughter, Starr. While standing at the copy machine she said she felt a tug at her dress.  She turned to her daughter and asked, “Why did you do that?”

    Her daughter gave her a blank look and said, “I didn’t do anything.”  Her mother realized that she was standing too far away to have tugged at her dress, so she shrugged it off as imagination and continued to run off copies of the bulletins.

    Still standing at the copy machine she felt something touch her arm and then a little while later, her hair.  She said it gave her the creeps and she just wanted out of there. (Mind you, this is in a church—a very old one, however.)

    Confrontations with the unknown always give us the willies and we’re not sure how to handle it. Often, we handle it by running and then forgetting about it.  The truth is, things exist that we can’t see—at least the average person can’t see anything.  There are some who can.

    Many people who think they’re very rationale with a logical mind tend to brush these incidents aside as the workings of an overly imaginative and fragile personality.  They’re wrong. We’re not alone in the universe and there are more thing on heaven and earth than are contained in their philosophy—to paraphrase Shakespeare (1.).

    So, what tugged at her dress, touched her arm and hair?  Was it a ghost?

   Probably not.  Although many people believe in ghosts, I do not.  I do believe in something, but not ghosts.  When someone dies who has a very high and focused energy level—think of a fanatic and you’ll understand the personality type—an essence of that person seems to remain. However, that essence is non-thinking and non-motivated. However, it may follow a routine established in life.  These “essences” can’t tug or touch—although you can feel them—but not in the same way as being touched by a human...it's etherial.  It’s more like a feeling of coldness. Most of this type of essences have similarities: they were either fanatical or died in a very dramatic and traumatic manner.

   On the other hand, there are some entities that are living beings who cannot normally be seen or touched.  A book called The Urantia Book mentions a being called a “midwayer.”  In Islam that same being is called a “jinn.”  Christianity has no counterpart other than angels, which are higher than midwayers or jinns.  According to the Urantia Book a midwayer is created slightly higher than a human and not normally visible, but they can make themselves visible and are easier to see than angels.

There’s no reason for a ghost to be in the church other than it is 73 years old and we don't know the actual history of all that happened there.

    I am aware of one event, however, that happened in that very room.  The room was situated out of sight, hidden by a curtain, but behind the pulpit and off to the left (from the congregations point of view).  This church used to be the largest in town with a congregation over 100—it was a small town.  In the 90s the church got a new pastor who would have communion in that room, out of sight.  Women were required to kiss him. 

    It's easy to see why that church went from the largest in town to the smallest, with a congregation of 13.  Communion is the holiest rite in the church.  We were asked by Jesus, himself, to “Do this in remembrance of me.”  To defile it in that manner would have been a satanic act by an unclean priest.





“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” (William Shakespeare)