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If you're not interested in a greater and deeper understanding of life, this page is not for you.  However...
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What's important to understand is that spiritual truth is the same for everyone, regardless of the faith you follow...or don't follow.

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The Kindred Spirit Connection (KSC) . . . What is it?


Two people pass in a crowded mall.  Their eyes meet and, for an instant, there is a “recognition,” or “connection.”  They nod, smile at each other, then pass by and are gone.  For a brief moment a bond existed between two strangers, a bond that surpasses understanding.   In that moment each recognized something of his or her self being reflected back from the eyes of another.  They have just met a Kindred Spirit.

Kindred Spirits recognize there is more to life than we can possibly understand, but that we’d like to. They recognize and appreciate the goodness of God, the goodness of the universe and the goodness of people.  They are shocked, apalled and do not understand the violence, bigotry and hatred that exists in the world.

Being a Kindred Spirit has numerous advantages.  Mysterious doors open that offer new avenues of life.  They become empowered with the ability to do good, both for themselves and for others.

Since Kindred Spirits are people of spiritual natures who need and help each other and, since Kindred Spirit-ism goes far beyond our own local world, as we become more and more “spirit-ized,” we become more open to help from other beings—often from far beyond our own material world.  This is the “Kindred Spirit Connection” and is the reason that good things (often called “luck”) mysteriously happens to kindred spirits in need.  For these people the vastness, goodness and the richness of the cosmos becomes available through the universality of thought.  Though the thoughts may be unconscious, more often they are the results of prayer.

Being “in need” does not necessarily mean suffering a lack.  It is anything important enough to improve the quality of our lives, like finding a hammer just when we wanted to drive a nail. 

For example . . .

A good friend of mine started a small, but thriving, maintenance service.  His business did everything to a house that would make it sellable or rentable, including painting, cleaning, roofing, electrical, plumbing and any other type of repairs that might be needed.  His main focus, however, was on his painting business.  The other aspects had evolved because of a demand.  The problem was, he soon found himself running all over the place just to change a light switch or replace a faucet washer—small jobs that took him off his larger painting projects, yet were needed as part of the service he offered.  Since he was just starting out, he couldn’t afford to hire someone full time to take care of what he called, the “Mickey Mouse” odds and ends.

His habit was to start every day with meditation and prayer and, as he said, "I casually mentioned this predicament to God while praying."  That evening he received a call from a man in his thirties who did electrical and plumbing work and was looking for a part time job to help support himself while he went back to college.  “I don’t want a full time job,” he said, “but if you have any small maintenance or repair work that you don’t want to be bothered with, I would like to do it.  I’m a little short and could us the extra money.”

That's the Kindred Spirit Connection in action.  Each, by helping the other, received exactly what they needed.  I think of these as “minor miracles,” a type of miracle that occurs continuously to Kindred Spirits.  Any Kindred Spirit with a need causes the universe to spring into action on their behalf, connecting them with the person, place or thing they need.  Whenever I see the Kindred Spirit Connection (KSC) in action, I’m thrilled.  The KSC—a cosmic principle—causes the universe to serve the needs of any individual, anywhere, any time.  We have but to ask.
Being a Kindred Spirit does not mean that the normal problems of life will fade away.  But, it does mean that we aren’t alone when problems occur.


Well, regardless of science's "Big Bang" theory—which may be (probably is) accurate—the universe, and all that is, has a Great Grand Parent who loves us in the same manner we love our own children.  (Who do you think caused the "Big Bang?")  Life began when this Creator’s desire to share the good things simply overwhelmed Him.  That is why Kindred Spirits think and respond to life cosmically. Intuitively, we sense we are part of a great, loving family.  Being cosmic in thought is like saying “As a child of the universe, I am in family of God.

You are a child of the Universe. (I love the acronyms for child of God and Family of God: ergo, you are a COG in the FOG)

When we become cosmic in thought, a Kindred Spirit, we still think and act like average people. We still have faults and failings. We still have likes and dislikes.  And, yes, we're both republican and democrat.  Our only difference is that we are trying to rise to greater spiritual heights and we're sensitive to what's spiritual around us.  When we begin to think cosmically by seeking the goodness of life, we begin a long, upward ascent to that which truly is good.  Once we begin this journey, good things just seem to happen. Oh, we still have problems, but we’re not alone when they happen—and we know it. Additionally, we find ourselves in a position of helping when help is needed. And getting helped when we need it.

That’s how it works—and that’s what it means to be a part of the Kindred Spirit Connection.