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Living Today
    The world today is in the most confusing time that there has ever been.  Massive amounts of new information are discovered daily.  With each new discovery something is made obsolete.  Computers have made all this possible because they are able to compute complex formulas and correlate data so quickly through rapid communications and a high speed interchange of files.  If email and the web haven't taken over the world, they have certainly made it smaller and more accessible.  
    Our world is filled with people of every ethnicity and religion who care more about others and about the world than about their own welfare.  Unfortunately, they are not the ones we normally hear about.  The ones we hear about are those who don't care, or (more likely) only care about their own little world and their own religion.  Anybody who is out side of what they believe needs to change.  That's what creates terrorism.
    In our world today we are constantly bombarded by news of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes/typhoons, famines, war and global warming.  All these thing are important, but some things are changeable.  For example, we have no control over earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes/tornados  and volcanoes.  But global warming we can probably head off.  We even have limited control over famines by our giving of food and money.  But often in our giving we find out later that so little of what was been given actually arrived at its destination.  Or, if it did arrive, was not distributed, or it was confiscated (stolen), hoarded and then sold by disreputable thieves.  This tends to make us cynical and less likely to give, or to give less.
    It seems that no matter where you live, life is hard.  Even in the richest of countries, life can be unbearably miserable.  It seems there's always something to drag us down; it's simply that the type of hardships change, depending on where you live; instead of hunger, bad marriages make us miserable.  Instead of poverty, we hate our jobs.  In the US (and probably Europe) we're miserable while adrift in a sea of baubles and toys.
    Interestingly, the more knowledge we acquire, the more miserable we become.  My mother-in-law is in her nineties because of modern medical marvels.  It takes a team of nurses and a loving daughter to keep her going. But she's certainly not happy and only gets small doses of joy.  
    Because life has lost all meaning for her.  She has to have assistance going to the bathroom, getting bathed and getting out of bed.  The only thing that brings her joy is having company.  Everyone I see in the assisted care facility where she lives is unhappy.  There is no joy at that stage in their lives. And yet they insist on grasping for life; for hanging in there, regardless of how miserable we are.  
    And we insist that they keep living.  
    Because we'd feel guilty if we didn't.  It's just one of the tragedies of life brought about by several things: we live longer; we work both harder and longer and it takes two to make a living in order to achieve the status of the nineteen fifties.  As a result, our children suffer and we can't take care of aging family members
    At best, life is difficult.  In some areas of the world it's physically difficult.  In other areas it's mentally difficult.  Some of us are strapped with both.
   Is there a solution? 
   Not an immediate one.  Mental distress can be overcome by developing a spiritual awareness.  That doesn't do squat, however, for hunger and the other things mentioned above—except in this regard: those who are spiritually alive (aware) tend to give aid, help, money and comfort, all of which make a big difference.