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If you're not interested in a greater and deeper understanding of life, this page is not for you.  However...
if you want to find peace, overcome depression and make the world a better place, perhaps it is.
What's important to understand is that spiritual truth is the same for everyone, regardless of the faith you follow...or don't follow.

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About This Logo

    Many years ago while living in Virginia Beach I was a member of a church that was a combined effort between the Presbyterian Church, the United Church of Christ and the Episcopalian church.  It was an experimental church to see if the three denominations could come together as one.  One morning in Sunday School we were asked to draw a symbol that represented our personal beliefs.  I believe that all things emanate from the force, power, energy and mind that we call God, so the inner circle represented God.  Altogether there are three circles, but the center one is hard to make out.  They represent (for me) both the Holy Trinity, but also that all things radiate outward from God.  Then I drew multiple lines that crossed the middle of the circle.  They represent the many paths to God—and not just Christianity.  I then drew the cross symbolizing my own personal belief in Jesus. 

    Because it touched me deeply, it became my personal logo.  Although I knew about mandalas at the time, I didn't make the connection that this was one. 

     Over the years as I came to recognize a Kindred Spirit Connection, the logo became a part of everything I did.  It was even on my business stationary.  Then one year my wife (sneakily) had a jeweler make it into a piece of jewelry that I still wear on a chain around my neck.

     My beliefs have expanded in scope since then, but not in any way that would invalidate it.  I've used it since approximately 1975.