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      Spirituality is a confusing issue.  I used to think of spirituality in connection with religion.  Later I associated it with spiritualism, meaning crystal gazers, seers, etc.  I also know that a pious Southern Baptist thinks of themselves as spiritual.  Because I’ve always associated spirituality with a belief in God, I was confused when I heard an atheist claim to be a spiritual person.  (I’m still curious about what he believes that would make him say that.)

      I believe it’s like this:  anyone who lives out of the love principle is a spiritual person.  The love principle leads people into a life of service.  “Service” is the highest order of the universe.  Everything in creation exists to serve something else. “Service” boils down to one thing:  labor.  (Although all labor is not spiritual.)

      Anyone living by the love principle will perform a service for mankind—it’s impossible not to.  This is true whether or not they are affiliated with any church, mosque, synagogue or temple.  Anyone who is trying to make the world a better place because they love the world and the people and things in it, are spiritual.  I view Gandhi as the epitome of spirituality with rank sister Theresa a close second, if not equal.  Both, asking nothing for themselves, dedicated their lives to making life better for those who needed it.  That’s the highest order of spirituality in action.

Why be Spiritual?

      All of us on earth see one thing:  the physical.  We view beds, houses, cars, dirt, people.  Some people extend their vision a little and see “energy” fields around things.  Artists almost always depict holy people and angels with haloes, which is the energy field I speak of.  However, everything  has one. 

      This energy field, referred to as an “aura,” has magnetic-like properties because it attracts other similar fields of energy—the very basis of the Kindred Spirit Connection.  The most graphic example of the negative side of this was seen in the dictator, Hitler.  Through hatred he went from obscurity to dominance over night.  He was able to do this because of his dynamism.  His focused fanaticism took him into a position of power and authority by attracting those who felt as he did.  They fed him, he fed them.  By focusing hatred primarily on the Jews, but others as well, they wreaked havoc on the world.

      Through superior mind power—not intellect—he whipped the Jews into submission.  The Jews, the most dynamic people on earth, the people able to form a nation out of a desert of nothing, submitted into walking into gas chambers because they were fighting an enemy they didn’t understand—focused thought.

      The entire universe acts and reacts to mind (thought).  Without the love law principle as the guiding beacon, all would be chaos.  If the universes were run like our world is run, nothing would be left.

      Our world needs spiritual people in every religion and nation, who respond in love.  Not touchy, feely love, but love based on respect of another imperfect human being.

      Every person on the face of our planet is a child of creation and, as such, is viewed by the Creator as “equal.”  Not equal in material status, but equal as the children of creation.  (Materialism and spirituality have no common bonds.  The wealthy are not the favored sons and daughters.)

      Ultimately it boils down to this:  Any person who believes they are superior in knowledge or religion, or who believes they have the favor of God, is a lost child of God.  They have completely missed the revelatory lessons in all the great religions.


Religion versus Spirituality

      Religion and spirituality have no direct links.  Our religion is simply the path that is either chosen or handy (meaning that it’s the dominant religion of our area or of our family).  God is not a Moslem, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu.  He simply is.  Simply by knowing the hearts of men and women everywhere, he recognizes His own.  When we hate those not of our faith, we’re hating God.  In our zeal to fight for God, we’re actually fighting against God.  Fortunately, God is neither wrathful nor vengeful or there would not be a single nation left.

      If what I say is true, then why all the warring in the name of God?  Lots of reasons, the most dominant of which is this: God is the excuse we need to justify our misdeeds.  This is because we the God we have created in our minds has been created in our image—which is the only one we know.  Because of this we think God is like us, only bigger.  If we dislike a race, the God we’ve created also dislikes it.  When our God dislikes them, we can do what we want to them and justify it to ourselves.  That’s how the oxymoron, “Holy War,” can be used.  There is no holy war.  All war and killing is reprehensible to God.  But, the god we’ve created allows us to steal from them, rape them, kill them and believe it’s OK. 

      It’s not.

      If we think we’re superior it’s because our god thinks we’re superior.  God was the battle cry of Saddam Hussein, but he still lost.  If there’s a religious lesson in this war it’s this:  believing that God is on our side doesn’t make it so.  We all believe God is on our side.

      So many of the misdeeds of the world have been done in the name of religion.  Spirituality, love, can do no harm.  The spiritual person never steals, rapes, robs, plunders or takes advantage of another.

      To know whether or not a person is spiritual is not hard.  Simply look at their life.  What do they represent?  Is peace and joy a part of their life, or do they continually scowl and frown?  (When was the last time you saw a photo of the Ayatollah Komeni smiling?)  Do they set themselves aside as “chosen ones,” or do they exist side by side with others of the world.  (Sometimes the world drives them to exist alone, so this may not always be the case.)


      My hope for you is that you find the peace and joy you deserve by allowing God to be a real part of your life.