Welcome to the Kindred Spirit Way—where we strive to discover spiritual truth...
If you're not interested in a greater and deeper understanding of life, this page is not for you.  However...
if you want to find peace, overcome depression and make the world a better place, perhaps it is.
What's important to understand is that spiritual truth is the same for everyone, regardless of the faith you follow...or don't follow.

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    This page had its beginning with the realization that my life had been a total waste; that all I had done was lived, eaten, drunk and taken up space.  I'd never done anything that I was particularly proud of and everything I had lived for had been for me. 
    What really got my attention, though, was a sudden realization that if I died and stood before the Creator, He wouldn't ask if I had been a good Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, Hindu, or whatever.  My fear was that the only question I might be asked was,
Is the world a better place because you were in it?
    My answer would had to have been, "No sir." 
    Realizing I'd never made difference to anybody bothered me—especially anyone outside of my own family.  My life had been self-centered and I had never contributed a beneficial thing to the world or anyone.   Everything I'd ever accomplished was for MY satisfaction.  Everything I thought I wanted only brought momentary pleasure.  A new car would make me happy for a month...then it became simply 'my car.'  A bigger, better TV, would make me happy for a week, then it became simply be 'my TV.'  It seemed I was always driven to get something bigger, better, newer, but the happiness never lasted; there was always some other 'need,' some other 'want' to bring me joy.
    Sadly, this is what the American way has become...and it's self-centered and ego driven.  Self-centeredness brings depression, sadness, a sense of loss and of foreboding.  It definitely offers no hope.  Self-centeredness only makes us desire more, and we're never satisfied. 
   So, if you found your way here by accident, it was no accident.  You were led here...you're one of the reasons for this page.  You are probably on the same treadmill as me; a treadmill that never brings more than momentary happiness and is guaranteed to bring depression, anxiety and worry.

   Briefly, the Kindred Spirit Way is simply a recognition of unity between like-minded people. The link definitely connects those on the same spiritual level with other similar people. It is what moves certain people in and out of your life as needed—especially those connected with God, regardless of religion.  It is also the manner in which we grow spiritually. 

    Our goal it is to make the world a better place by: 1. trying to help people find more joy in life; 2. trying to make sense out of the inanities life and 3. trying to reconcile life, religion and science.
    So, if religion has let you down or leaves you cold and yet you feel there's more to life than what you know; that life is not an accidental anomaly of the universe, then just maybe this website is what you're looking for. 
Welcome to the Kindred Spirit Way
Where we try and make a difference by making you reflect on your own life.